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Covid Data in the Balearic Islands

Cercle d’Economia de Mallorca offered this information service free of charge from August 2020 to April 2022. The graphs that show the historical data corresponding to the period of time in which the service was offered can be temporarily consulted on this page.

Notice of suspension of service (in Spanish).


Daily confirmed cases (until April, 2022)

Evolution of daily confirmed cases per 100,000 people over the last 7 days.

Vaccination in the Balearic Islands (until April, 2022)

First shot


Doses delivered to the Balearic Islands


Doses administered


Balearic population

Infection Rate (Rt) (until April, 2022)

This is a trend indicator that offers estimates of the average number of new infections caused by a single infected individual. Rt larger than one means the virus is spreading. This value can vary substantially from one day to the next and can be distorted at weekends due to less testing and administrative delays in case registration. As well as daily Rt we offer a more robust trend measurement with the median of Rt of the last 7 days.

ICU headroom used

The Balearic Islands have 189 ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds declared in the national catalog of hospitals (public and private), although they could have enabled more beds to cope with the pandemic.

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